HIFRASER is aiming to build its Australian Sovereign Supply Chain for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems & services for the Attack Class submarine program.

To reach this goal, the company is launching its Sovereign Supply Chain Qualification Program, targeting highly qualified Australian companies for high precision machining, boiler making, welding, surface and heat treatment services.

“Considering the Manufacturing and Through-Life Support activities, we are potentially talking about more than 50 years of business opportunities,” Chris Williams, Managing Director, said.

“Together ISSARTEL – HIFRASER has more than 60 years’ experience in Manufacturing and Through-Life Support Services for SSK, SSN and SSBN Submarines," Vincent Carrié, CEO, said. "The scope of services to be provided to us is very wide and interesting for the companies that are willing to develop specific skills in a high-tech sector. We’re talking about the opportunity for tens of thousands of items to be manufactured in Australia.” 

The Sovereign Supply Chain Qualification Process will take place in 3 steps that will be carried out from March to September 2020. The steps are as follows:
1. Prequalification desktop review of capability
2. Qualification of the Quality Management System
3. Technical and industrial capability qualification audit

High precision machining suppliers will also have to successfully manufacture a unique ISSARTEL – HIFRASER prototype to be approved.

More information is available here.

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