• Credit: BAES
    Credit: BAES

ASC Shipbuilding has signed contracts with three more Australian companies on the Hunter Class Frigate program.

The contracts follow the recent announcement by the Commonwealth Government that the Hunter program had received approval to begin prototyping in December this year as planned.

Two of the contracts are for the prototyping phase of the program and include Adelaide Profile Services, which will process and precision-cut around 250 13-metre lengths of steel that will be used in the five prototyping blocks, and Intertek’s Adelaide Inspection Services, which will conduct non‑destructive testing and mechanical testing to assure high quality fabrication welds on those blocks.

A further contract has been placed with engineering company Sofraco, which will conduct a feasibility study into the test facility requirements for skid-based pumping solutions and report on the feasibility of an upgrade, if appropriate.

 “Placing contracts with Australian businesses is just one part of our strategy to build Australian industry capability,” ASC Shipbuilding Managing Director, Craig Lockhart, said.

“It’s a great opportunity to partner with ASC Shipbuilding on the Hunter Class Frigate Program,” APS Adelaide Profile Services Operations Manager, Greg Mills, said. “The relationships we have with ASC Shipbuilding, combined with the agility of our workforce, has already produced successful collaborative results at the early stages of the project.”

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