• HMAS Hobart firing an SM-2 Standard Missile.
    HMAS Hobart firing an SM-2 Standard Missile. Defence

Raytheon will provide combat system engineering support services to the RAN for up to six years following a new agreement with Defence.

Under the new agreement, Raytheon Australia will support Defence’s upgrades to surface ship combat systems by providing engineering and logistics services.

“This will capitalise on existing knowledge, skills, systems and processes developed by Raytheon Australia through the Hobart class Destroyer acquisition program,” Defence said in a statement.

"I commend both the Government and Department of Defence for their forward-looking decision to engage a combat system engineering partner to reduce risks for future surface ship programs," Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward said.

"Having lived the full evolution of Australia's first truly sovereign shipbuilding program through AWD, we understand the importance of early combat system planning, architecting, integrating and testing.

“This early engagement is particularly critical in reducing the risks for large-scale programs such as surface ships," Ward said.

HMAS Hobart recently tested upgrades to its combat system, firing an SM-2 Standard Missile and successfully hitting an unmanned target during trials off the coast of NSW.

Hobart’s Commanding Officer, Commander Ryan Gaskin said the successful firing was a significant step in progressing Navy’s high-end warfighting capability.

“The missile firing was an opportunity to test recent upgrades to the ship’s Aegis combat system and prepare the ship’s company for their upcoming deployment,” Commander Gaskin said. “Our advanced sensors provide a real-time picture of the tactical situation, which when combined with our weapons systems gives us a formidable defence capability.”

ADM Comment: This move effectively puts Raytheon in the prime seat for all of Navy’s combat system work apart from the Attack class. With their complimentary work in the land space under Land 17, and prospective work on Air 6500, the company is verging on a monopoly when it comes to combat systems in the ADF.

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