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Trusted Autonomous Systems and the Queensland AI Hub, with the support of the Queensland Government, are funding delivery of a world-first pilot course titled ‘Autonomous Marine Systems Fundamentals for Marine Surveyors’ to be delivered by the Australian Maritime College Search (AMC Search) at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in Townsville 29 and 30 March.

The course aims to introduce participants to autonomous and unmanned vessel technology, key terminology, operating concepts and system capabilities, limitations and risks. The participants are existing qualified accredited Marine Surveyors and other professionals, including representatives of Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), Port of Townsville and Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), who will benefit from increasing their knowledge and understanding of Autonomous Marine Systems.

The course will enable the primarily QLD-based participants to more effectively undertake survey and other assurance and accreditation activities relating to autonomous and unmanned vessel technology. By upskilling ten accredited marine surveyors and professionals, this pilot course aims to address a gap in the current assurance and accreditation framework for autonomous marine systems.

This pilot course will make it more efficient and effective for Queensland businesses to build, test and certify their autonomous marine systems. 

“This represents significant progress in translating emerging Robotics, Autonomous and AI systems into operational use for the maritime domain. It also demonstrates Queensland’s leadership and commitment to this area," TAS CEO Professor Jason Scholz said.

“Queensland AI Hub is committed to driving AI-enabled social, economic and workplace positive transformation across all sectors, with a strong focus on people development and industry upskilling," Queensland AI Hub CEO Dr Sue Keay said. "AI driven technologies like Autonomous Marine Systems are transforming the way we work, but we have to address the skill gaps that emerge when these technologies take off. This initiative will expand the Marine Surveyor tool kit, giving surveyors confidence in the assessment of autonomous and unmanned vessels.” 

AIMS Technology Development Engineering Team Leader Melanie Olsen said AIMS was committed to integrating autonomous marine monitoring technology into its routine operations.

“We are on the cusp of an autonomous technology revolution in marine monitoring,” she said. “It’s vital our regulators and marine surveyors understand marine autonomous systems to ensure a safe and effective operational roll-out of this next-generation technology.”

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