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Calytrix Technologies (UK) has announced that Boeing has selected the Calytrix Comms Net Radio (CNR) family of products as the underpinning communications framework for its Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) Core System and Services contract.

Working to the UK Ministry of Defence’s requirements, CNR will provide advanced simulated radio communication capabilities across the program to ensure the RAF and other Defence crews get a realistic training environment.

The CNR environment will deliver a fully integrated communications backbone including native HLA support, advanced signal propagation, degradation and jamming, reconfigurable operator radio interfaces, real-time audio variation, tactical chat services and full remote management.

“Calytrix is delighted to be working again with Boeing and this opportunity to contribute to the DOTC Air program," Shawn Parr, CEO of Calytrix said. "This multi-year product and development contract, along with the recent enterprise sales of CNR to the ADF under JP9711-1, reiterates the importance of advanced radio communications in the training environment and the benefits that CNR delivers to both end users and developers as a standalone capability or integrated across larger programs.”

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