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Hanwha Defense Australia and Universal Motion Simulation (UMS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the companies co-operate on opportunities to supply UMS’s Reconfigurable Driving Simulators to markets outside of Australia.

The MoU will involve Hanwha conducting a review of their current supply chains for driver training simulators with a view to identifying opportunities for the UMS Reconfigurable Driving Simulators in international markets.

“This agreement represents a great opportunity for both companies,” said Richard Cho, the Managing Director of Hanwha Defense Australia.

“The two companies bring unique and complementary experience, expertise and services to the table,” said Cameron Selkrig, the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Motion Simulation. “UMS is very much looking forward to working with Hanwha to take our innovative Australian technology into global supply chains.”

UMS’s Reconfigurable Driving Simulators have been developed in collaboration with the Australian Army for use in armoured vehicle driver training. The Reconfigurable Driving Simulator is designed to meet the unique needs of training for each vehicle type and provides a dynamic motion platform in support of immersive and high-fidelity vehicle simulation.

It has a large range of motion compared to traditional simulators, enabling realistic accelerations and manoeuvres.

Universal Motion Simulation is a Geelong based, ADM Essington Lewis award winning (2020), commercial entity established by Deakin University to deliver on its research.

Hanwha has been selected as the sole tenderer to bid for Land 8116, a $0.9 billion to $1.3 billion project which will see the Commonwealth acquire self-propelled artillery systems to be manufactured in the Greater Geelong area.

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