• Damaged drone. (Supplied)
    Damaged drone. (Supplied)

EOS Defence Systems has announced the successful live firing of its Titanis counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) solution at a private range in Australia.

This marks the conclusion of the first stage of the company’s plan to expand live fire weapon system development activities in Australia. 

“We successfully detected and engaged a number of UAS targets using the Titanis C-UAS solution incorporating the R400 remote weapon station, including moving targets and swarms of multiple drone threats," CEO for EOS Defence Systems Grant Sanderson said. "Being able to conduct weapon system development in Australia represents a significant sovereign capability.” 

EOS has been working closely with weapon and ammunition OEMs and providers, state and federal agencies, equipment providers, and the land owner to create a field firing area suitable for a wide range of weapon systems. Infrastructure including hard stand firing points and an approved ammunition magazine are established, and range instrumentation including shot detection and meteorological sensors are being commissioned. 

“While we complete our design and development work in Australia, most of our live firing to date has had to be conducted overseas due to the lack of suitable ranges in Australia," Sanderson said. "However the Australian Government’s drive to greater domestic defence capability has provided us with the confidence to invest in the creation of an Australian solution.

“This is a critical first stage in developing our local live firing capability. We expect to expand this further to allow for more complex activities over the coming months.”

EOS will use the range to live fire a number of its products including the T2000 medium calibre turret and its R400 and R800 remote weapons stations, directed energy effectors, and the Titanis C-UAS solution.

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