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Twenty three SMEs, research institutions and individuals from six states and territories have made the short list for the Avalon 2019 Innovation Awards.

The entrants submitted innovations across a range of fields from aerial sensors to helicopter training, a system to monitor space assets, and a water-powered rocket school teaching aid.

The awards will be presented in six categories as part of the Avalon Airshow.

The awards are open to Australian companies and the Australian subsidiaries of overseas parent companies. The innovation can be a new product or service to a new approach to business, with entries judged on originality and utility in aerospace, space and defence.

Past winners have included TAE Aerospace for its Fountx wearable engineering technology, BAE Systems for its EDMAP corrosion management system, and Thomas Global Systems for its ‘plug and play’ LCD replacement for legacy cathode ray tube aircraft instruments.

The Avalon Innovation Awards are part of a program also involving the Maritime, Land and Civil Security Industry Innovation Awards, presented biennially at the Pacific International Maritime Expo in Sydney, the CivSec Civil Security Congress and Exposition in Melbourne, and Land Forces.

The program has awarded $305,000 in grants and awards since it began in 2013.

 “The key criteria in the Avalon 2019 Innovation Awards is that the innovation must not only be ground breaking, but must also provide a tangible benefit in defence or industry,” Avalon 2019 CEO Ian Honnery said.

“The awards are not about innovation for its own sake, but about creating products and services that solve problems, create opportunities and make a difference in the real world.

“The fact that this year’s innovation awards attracted a record number of entrants is a tribute to the level of innovation and creativity in the Australian aerospace and defence community.”

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