Amber Technology

Amber Technology

Unit 1
2 Daydream St
Warriewood NSW 2102

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Company Description
Amber Technology is an ASX company with 25+ years' in professional broadcast and enterprise audio/video systems. In the networked defence force market, we offer specialised defence products, plus audio/visual systems focussed on capture, processing, storage and distribution of Voice, Video and data. Working with Prime contractors or as a stand-alone resource, we provide solutions to complex problems that are out-of-the-box in normal defence thinking. We also carry a full range of cables, connectors, projectors, antennas plus enterprise video recording, storage, processing, management and distribution products (IPTV).

Year Established: 1986
Number of Employees: 94
Area of Business: Amber Technology specialise in the capture, processing, storage and distribution of Voice, Video and data for Defence.

New Zealand
Branch Contacts
Nigel Lee
Phone: +64 (0)9 443 0753

Branch Contacts
Ross Caston

Branch Contacts
Robert van der Vlies

Branch Contacts
Steve Shelley

This company offers the following services

  • RF Amplifiers

    Capability Contacts
    Ross Caston

    Capability Description
    TRIAD high speed bi-directional RF amplifiers for data radios. Triad specialise in bi-directional amplifiers used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UAG), flying on seven different platforms including Penguin B, Bat 12 and Shadow M2.
    TRIAD use whichever FET technology (GaN, GaAs, & LDMOS) best fits the application to produce the highest linearity while consuming the least amount of DC power so as not to threaten mission life. We also make most models in DUAL and QUAD configurations which work with Silvus multi-in multi-out (MIMO) radios. Many MIMO radios are used in infrastructure-less networks of mobile devices (MANET), TRIAD amplifiers have been shown to increase the usable distance by up to 10X.

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