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AML3D and QPE Advanced Machining have announced collaboration to manufacture metal parts to local and international markets.

Their approach to part manufacture is especially relevant to manufacturing programs requiring prototyping, small to large run part manufacture, replacements, and upgrades commonly seen in the defence supply chain and other critical industries as medical and aerospace.

With AML3D's patent-pending Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process, clients can now metal 3D print part designs not previously achievable through traditional casting or subtractive techniques, including hollow inserts, structural filling patterns and many other design innovations.

Most metal 3D parts require further finishing to complete the manufacturing process to achieve their final form and function. This process can be undertaken by QPE with their CNC milling expertise.

The product journey starts with the AML3D engineering team, where they gather initial project information and client-specific requirements and standards. The part is then optimised for the WAM process using Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and proprietary software, WAMSoft and AMLSoft as part of the pre-form process.

The project is then allocated to an ARCEMY Production Cell, and metal 3D printed using AML3D's WAM method. Once printed, the parts are material properties tested based on the standards appropriate for the part and any metallurgical requirements per compulsory industry specifications.

Upon successful testing, the part is outsourced for surface finishing.With in-house engineers, QPE can review the CAD draft and program one of its 5-axis CNC milling machines that best accommodate the shape and size requirements of the project.

After surface machining is complete, the part is polished and carefully inspected for critical precision against the original draft and project initial requirements. Only after those quality checks are completed is the piece ready for dispatch to the client.

"We're excited to collaborate with AML3D to explore applications across many industry sectors we are involved in, but particularly defence. Our strength in precision machining and fabrication, coupled with AML3D's expertise in wire additive manufacturing makes this the ideal partnership," Grant Tinney, QPE's CEO, said.

"We see the collaboration between both companies as a step in solving the question of localisation of Australian manufacturing capabilities. We are very confident we are future-proofing our whole industry, moving faster and decreasing reliance on overseas suppliers," Andrew Sales, AML3D's CEO, said. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to deliver our part contract manufacturing solutions with the support of precision machinists such as QPE. Industry collaborations provide the ability to increase Australia's manufacturing self-sufficiency, creating a sustainable manufacturing industry for the future."

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