EPE Trusted to Protect

EPE Trusted to Protect

383 Boundary Street
Spring Hill Qld 4000

(07) 3308 9300 Mobile: 0402 486 393



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Company Description
EPE is a 100% Australian Veteran owned company, partnering with Defence to provide specialist capabilities and systems integration of counter-IED, EOD, Counter-CBRNe, Unmanned Systems, Force Protection Electronic Counter Measures (FP ECM) and Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS). EPE's purpose is to enable and protect Australians and our allies to safely operate in harmful environments. Established in 1986, EPE has built a reputation for delivering highly specialised solutions, and optimising those solutions through training, and through life support. SICP grant from ADF to build Military Test, Evaluation, Certification, and Systems Assurance (MILTECS)

Year Established: 1986
Number of Employees: 50
SME: Yes
Area of Business: Counter IED, EOD and Search, Unmanned Ground and Aerial Systems, CBRN defence, Force Protection ECM, Counter Drone, Deployable Infrastructure, Training and Through Life Support.
Areas of R&D: Current projects include Broad Spectrum Respiratory Canister in collaboration with CSIRO and MUSKITO GPR and Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars Rover.

New Zealand
Branch Contacts
Andy Cross: Business Development Manager New Zealand
Mobile: +64 (0) 21 517 090
Email: andy.cross@epequip.com

This company offers the following services

  • CBRN Detection and/or Identification

    Capability Contacts
    David Byrne: Capability Manager CBRNe
    Mobile: +61 (0) 457 775 008
    Email: david.byrne@epequip.com
    Narelle Hoffman: Marketing and Corporate Communications
    Mobile: 0402 486 393
    Email: narelle.hoffman@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    The ability to detect the presence of CBRNE materials is increasingly important for domestic and deployed operations, whether the release or discovery is accidental or intentional; criminal or terrorist; natural or man-made. EPE has assembled a range of high performance, cost effective equipment from leading global CBRND manufacturers to detect, locate and identify CBRNE threats, while protecting and decontaminating personnel and their equipment. EPE offers a comprehensive suite of CBRND equipment, training, specialist advice and support. Chemical Warfare Agents, TIC, TIM, Fentanyl, Trace explosive detection. Radiation Detection. Standoff detection. Razor EX systems detects and identifies biological agents.

  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Exploitation

    Capability Contacts
    Adam Modd: Capability Manager, ECM
    Email: Adam.Modd@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    The ubiquitous global threat of Radio Controlled IEDs presents a dynamic challenge to Defence Forces deployed on operations and to Law Enforcement responding to domestic criminal and terrorist threats. EPE delivers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to monitor, manage and exploit the electronic threat spectrum, delivering a complete range of products and specialist support services for vehicle mounted, man packable and EOD carry forward ECM systems, including training, maintenance and through life logistic support. ECM, Force Protection ECM, EOD Carry Forward ECM, Man Packable ECM, Vehicle Mounted ECM. Key Words: Radio Controlled IEDs, Force Protection ECM, FPECM, Counter IED, C-IED

  • EOD/IEDD Search and Response

    Capability Contacts
    Chris Panteli: Capability Manager EOD
    Mobile: 0457 775 008
    Email: chris.panteli@epequip.com
    Geoff Burchell: Capability Manager Search
    Mobile: +61 (0) 437 406 873
    Email: Geoff.Burchell@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    Today’s bomb technician is a highly educated and skilled operator that requires leading edge tools to undertake their mission. EPE’s focus is to listen to our clients to understand their needs. EPE offers a comprehensive selection of CIED and EOD equipment for specialist operators, including detection equipment, portable x-ray systems and diagnostics, search and remote access, render safe equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and blast mitigation. Our team monitors local and international incidents to keep abreast of emerging threats. Vehicle-borne IED, Person-borne IED, Metal and Non Metal detection, X-Ray, Disruptor, Diagnostics, Mitigation.

  • International Companies

    International NameDivisionMCCountry
    AB PrecisionDisruption CapabilityUK
    Allen VanguardCrew SurvivabilityCanada
    BioFire DefenseBioSurveillance SystemsUSA
    CellAntennaCell Phone ExploitationUSA
    Concept Development CorporationDisruption TechnologiesUK
    DroneShieldCounter Drone CapabilityAustralia
    DynasafeExplosive ContainmentNorway
    Edge Tactical SolutionsRobot AccessoriesUSA
    Emergent BiosolutionsRSDL (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion)USA
    Field ForensicsExplosives Detection and IdentificationUSA
    HDTDeployable Shelter SystemsUK
    Inert LLCInert IEDs and Training AidsUSA
    Med-EngCounter IED and EODCanada
    MinelabEOD & Search (metal detectors)Australia
    Nexter RoboticsUnmanned Ground SystemsUSA
    ProparmsDisruption CapabilityCanada
    QinetiQ North AmericaUnmanned Ground SystemsUSA
    REMOTECUnmanned Ground SystemsUSA
    Richmond Defence SystemsConventional Munitions Disposal UK
    Scanna MSCX Ray ImagingUK
    Smiths DetectionCBRN DetectionUK
    Tactical ElectronicsTactical and EODUSA

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles/Uncrewed Ground Vehicles

    Capability Contacts
    Chris Panteli: Capability Manager EOD
    Mobile: 0457 775 008
    Email: chris.panteli@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    Human Machine Teaming (HUM-T) explores the interactions between human and robotic agents to achieve a tactical advantage. EPE delivers an ecosystem of unmanned platforms to the Australian Defence Force to support, search, reconnaissance, and EOD operations. Key Words: HUM-T, Human Machine Teaming, Unmanned Ground Systems, Autonomous Systems. SICP grant from ADF to build Military Test, Evaluation, Certification, and Systems Assurance (MILTECS). EPE is the largest provider and sustainer of counter IED and EOD robotics to the ADF and all Police Jurisdiction.

  • Shelters - Deployable

    Capability Contacts
    Keith Thomas: Capability Manager, UAS
    Mobile: +61 (0) 421 679 313
    Email: Keith.Thomas@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    Deployed agencies require supporting infrastructure that is robust, modular, scalable and simple to deploy while being efficient, self-sufficient and enabling maximum synergy for transport, maintenance and training. EPE is a complete solution provider delivering deployable infrastructure that is modular, scalable, flexible, light weight, with a low maintenance burden. We provide complete OEM accredited training and Through Life Support (TLS). Key Words: Deployable infrastructure, deployable shelters, tents.

  • Uncrewed Aerial Systems

    Capability Contacts
    Keith Thomas: Capability Manager, UAS
    Mobile: +61 (0) 421 679 313
    Email: Keith.Thomas@epequip.com

    Capability Description
    With increasing uncertainty around international security and cybersecurity, allied countries have growing concern around supply chain vulnerability of current commercial suppliers of drones. All drone manufacturers represented by EPE ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of their drone technologies with: • Designed and manufactured in the USA, and either: • NDAA compliant and approved by the US government to be used by federal agencies • Blue UAS

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