• 17 robots go head to head in the grand final of the Robotics Competition.
    17 robots go head to head in the grand final of the Robotics Competition.

Student university teams from across Australia and New Zealand have now qualified for the National Instruments (NI) Autonomous Robotics Competition.

Having successfully completed four competition milestones, the teams are now applying the finishing touches to their robots in preparation for the live final.

The teams will be judged on the aesthetics of their robot in addition to the ability to navigate an obstacle filled arena.

Robotics has become increasingly prevalent across a wide range of sectors to complete dangerous or extremely precise activities and to collate information in hard to reach and remote areas.

The use of robots can range from assembly lines to medical situations where they are used to increase accuracy and decrease operating times; they are commonly used for bomb diffusion and land mine detection on war fronts and in conditions hostile to humans such as extreme heat, noise or gas.

Matej Krajnc, Managing Director for National Instruments Oceania said the competition is a platform for engineering students to showcase their creative and technical skills as they delve into the world of robotics at a time when there is growing demand for the technology.

“Over the past six months we have seen truly impressive accomplishments from all our competition participants and many will undoubtedly go on to achieve incredible feats as industry innovators and leaders.”

The competition final will be held at Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn campus, whose student team won the inaugural event last year.

More information on NI's Autonomous Robots Competition can be found here.

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