• The AMV35 with the 30mm Haegglunds turret. Credit: BAE Systems
    The AMV35 with the 30mm Haegglunds turret. Credit: BAE Systems

BAE Systems Australia and defence SME Marand have announced a teaming agreement for Land 400 Phase 2.

Marand will contribute leading cross-sector expertise gained from the automotive, aerospace, rail and defence sectors to the program, providing a range of production engineering solutions. The company has proven experience in welding ballistic steel, advanced machining and complex assembly performed on a daily basis for defence exports, and has been designing, building and launching vehicular production lines for over 30 years.

Marand CEO Rohan Stocker said BAE Systems delivered on its industrial commitments, transferring technology that has allowed Marand to create high skilled jobs and defence exports.

“We have already proven that we can deliver complex defence production technology transfers in Australia with 100 per cent quality and delivery performance.”

BAE Systems worked with Marand on its transition from the automotive and aerospace to defence industry through collaboration on the global F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program more than 10 years ago.

In May 2011, BAE Systems Australia and Marand signed a long-term agreement on the supply of vertical tails for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. BAE Systems provides titanium parts to Marand which are used in the manufacture of the tail fins in Australia and are in turn exported to the USA under contract from BAE Systems in the UK.

In July last year, BAE Systems and Land 400 bid partner Patria were confirmed as one of two tenders selected to take part in the 51 week Risk Mitigation Activity for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 combat reconnaissance vehicle program.

BAE Systems and Patria are offering the AMV35 for Land 400 Phase 2. Marand had formerly teamed with Phase 2 bid contender Team Sentinel (offering the Sentinel II, based on ST Kinetics Terrex 2) and had signed a contract for manufacture and assembly of 180 MT30 turrets in their facility at the Ford Factory in Geelong, pending that consortium's selection. 

ADM has sought further comment from both BAE Systems and MArand on the detail of work to be performed under the partnership.


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