• Barrett personnel using a Toughbook tablet in the field. Credit: Panasonic
    Barrett personnel using a Toughbook tablet in the field. Credit: Panasonic

Radio communications technology provider Barrett Communications has been a long-time user of the rugged Toughbook range of PCs and tablets to provide fail-safe operations in the field, supporting delivery of its mission-critical solutions for applications from disaster recovery to defence and commercial requirements globally.

For 40 years, Barrett has been working with customers including peacekeeping, NGO, humanitarian and government operations, as well as security and defence organisations.

The company travels to remote and challenging environments, from tropical jungles to remote deserts, in over 150 countries – including Asia and the Pacific – delivering training and installing its High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radio communications technology solutions.

Consumer grade devices were not supporting Barrett's operations effectively enough, often being exposed to harsh conditions in some of the company's challenging work environments. Devices were regularly damaged, increasing downtime and compromising operations.

“Because traditional PC support was not readily available in these remote areas, it meant any damages or faults took days, and often weeks, to solve,” Ben Jackson, International Support Manager, Barrett Communications, said. “There were also issues with limited battery life, which is a big problem for mobile workers in the field with no access to a power supply.”

Since adopting Panasonic's Toughbooks Jackson said the risk of failure in the field has been reduced, while the computers have the added capability to support Barrett’s key HF data and tracking systems.  

“We turned to Panasonic’s Toughbook range of PCs and tablets 13 years ago and since then, we have never had any issues and our customers have only ever been positive,” he said. “Many of our staff are ex-military and they have seen the range during their service, so understand the benefits first hand.” 

Jackson added the extended battery life of the Toughbooks was a real plus for Barrett teams, despite the units also offering brightened screens optimal for outdoor use. 

“The ultra-bright Toughbook screen can be easily read in the strongest direct sunlight; and the unit can stand up to use in swirling dust, powerful wind and driving rain,” Jackson said.

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