The latest generation MRS-2000LTM, is an all digital, ruggedized, transportable video receiving system for precise situational awareness picture build up of the battlefield, providing an “beyond-the next-hill” view of the enemy at standoff range, avoiding danger of exposure and revealing intentions.

By bringing mission critical information to the front, the MRS-2000LTM enables tactical forces to make the most of real-time information, while assuring maximum accuracy and safety.

Used as a standalone, deployable UAV passive ground system or an add-on to a C4I (optional), the MRS-2000LTM receives, processes and displays real-time video imagery and telemetry data arriving from UAVs and generates an intuitive and correlated image-to-map display with real time UAV and payload information, for directed livery to the maneuvering forces.

Commanders, FACs and FOs in the field are thus able to make mission-critical decisions based on a complete and constantly updated situation awareness picture.

Video recordings and still images can be stored in the hard disk for further off-line processing and debriefing purposes.

Multiple users can access the MRS-2000LTM data base, through a LAN porter USB memory stick, in order to process these images.

Its applications include:

  • Artillery targeting and ranging
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Border surveillance
  • C4I for ground forces
  • Security for high-risk sites and sensitive facilities

The MRS-2000LTM system includes a tripod-mounted receiving antenna, video receiver, interfacing to a computer, and TFT handheld display unit for presenting video and telemetry data in virtually any type of format.

A variety of proprietary image and data manipulation tools help the user convert data in to a graphical intelligence overlay on a digital map.

The major features are:

  • All-in-one transportable system
  • Reception and display of imagery and telemetry for situation picture buildup on moving map with overlays
  • Multi-platform and payloads support
  • Image processing and video enhancement capabilities
  • Graphic overlays and frozen image storage capability, tools for building graphic overlays for real-time targets and situational awareness picture
  • Automatic target report generation and artillery correction capabilities
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Long Range Auto-tracking antenna capabilities
  • Frequency agile for covering multi-UAV missions

The MRS 2000LTM is comprised of an advanced Receiving and Processing Station (RPU) and Display Control Unit (DCU), while an external tethered Receiving Data Terminal (RDT) performs the UAV tracking.

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