• Credit: Boeing
    Credit: Boeing

Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has signed a $60 million agreement with the Commonwealth to provide deeper maintenance to the RAAF’s P-8A Poseidon aircraft for the life of the fleet.

Already delivering through-life-support on the P-8A fleet, the deeper maintenance contract sets the stage for BDA to undertake 'major' maintenance, repair, and overhaul work and spiral upgrades, including evolving its digital sustainment capability, at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

“The contract covers the life of type for the P-8A fleet and will provide exceptional ongoing opportunities for our local supply chain and upskilling of the broader defence and aerospace industry,” said BDA director Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Darryn Fletcher.

“To achieve this on one of Australia’s most complex aerospace programs is evidence of our strong partnership with the Commonwealth and our shared commitment to developing sovereign deeper maintenance capability,” said Fletcher.

The first RAAF P-8A is anticipated to undergo deeper maintenance in July 2022 after six years of service.

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