Bushmaster EW variant on show

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Julian Kerr | Brisbane

Another Land Forces first saw the emergence of a Bushmaster Electronic Warfare (EW) variant complete with a six-metre telescopic mast.

DMO demonstrators said the variant was being developed under a requirement included in the classified DCP.

First pass was achieved in 2013 and second pass was anticipated in late 2015.

Four prototypes have been completed to date, with environmental tests and crash and blast certification yet to be undertaken.

The vehicles will be manned by a driver, commander, and two EW operators.

Changes to the standard Bushmaster include the US-manufactured mast, an 8 Kw auxiliary power unit, and reconfiguration of the interior to accommodate equipment racks, two workstations with ruggedised screens, and enhanced seating to allow operations to continue while on the move.

Twelve of the variants will be produced under the current requirement, with the first scheduled to be completed between a year to 18 months after receipt of second pass. A further 24 are likely to follow, but will require separate approval.

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