• Credit: Airbus
    Credit: Airbus

Airbus has added Canberra-based satellite ground control segment expert Clearbox Systems as its second partner in its Team Maier arrangement as part of its bid to deliver next-generation military satellite communications (satcom) capability to Australia under the JP9102 program.

Clearbox has experience in supporting the ADF’s control segment for its current military wideband satcom, commercial wideband satcom, and military narrowband satcom systems.

An integral component of the satcom system, the control segment manages a network of devices, sensors, signals and payloads to ensure successful transmission. Clearbox will be upgrading the current systems to the JP9102 requirements, including ongoing sustainment.

“Our world-leading, Australian-developed satcom control segment technology helps Australian Defence operate a flexible, resilient and agile satcom service for the warfighter," Jeremy Hallett, CEO of Clearbox Systems, said. "We are excited to be a part of Team Maier and to apply our technology to the new capabilities Airbus will bring to Defence under JP9102.

“Clearbox brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Team Maier. We are confident that this collaborative approach will be mutually beneficial; supporting Clearbox’s growth while building a true partnership to deliver the best solution possible to Australia," Martin Rowse, Airbus Campaign Lead for the JP9102 programme, said.

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