Dassault Falcon has their business jets on display at the Avalon air show, hoping to entice VIPs both in and out of uniform. The company first business jet, the Falcon 20, entered commercial service in Australia in 1967 and entered RAAF service the same year ad served in the RAAF’s transport and utility wing for 22 years before being replaced by the Falcon 900, which was flown for 13 years.

Moving forward to present day, the company is hoping that the new generation of Falcons will be of interest to the RAAF VIP fleet.

“What sets us apart from out competitors is the fuel efficiency of our jets, at least 30 per cent less than comparable aircraft,” Olivier Villa, senior vice president civil aircraft explained to ADM. “The access we have to smaller runways and airports along with our endurance in harsh environments is also an excellent point of difference. The flexibility and economy offered by the 7X  is unmatched.”

The company is looking at providing either its Falcon 7X or Falcon 900LX for the VIP fleet when the requirements progresses. 


This article first appeared in Australian Defence Magazine VOL.23 No.4, April 2015

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