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The Request For Information (RFI) seeking industry feedback, comments and suggestions on the intentions for the future provision of Base Services activities is set to close on 27 April 2012.

Through this RFI, the Defence Support Group is developing its future acquisition strategy for the provision of base support activities currently delivered through the Comprehensive Maintenance Services, Garrison Support Services and Base Services contracts.

The release of this RFI was intended to provide industry an opportunity to offer insights into 'leading practice' commercial arrangements and influence the future contracting model to be adopted by Defence.

The Department of Defence delivers Base Services throughout Australia to its approximately 500 properties and facilities in metropolitan, regional and remote locations usually located on Defence Bases. While, most Base Services are delivered at large Defence Bases and office block accommodation which are located in capital cities and major regional centres, there are a significant number of small properties in remote locations.

An important focus for Defence in the provision of base services to support capability is cost effective and pro-active service delivery. A number of strategic level principles have been developed to guide value for money in the new generation of contracts. These principles will be supported by outcomebased Statements of Work reflecting the desired requirements of successful service delivery, a remodelled performance framework and a ‘trusted’ contractor relationship framework.

Defence’s vision for the next generation of Base Services contracts will be to achieve standardised, collaborative, agile, sustainable and affordable solutions.

The current contracts were let on a sub-regional basis linked to former twelve Defence Support regions. As such the total national volume was broken up on this basis. To build greater economies of scale than that which is currently available, the new requirement may be developed such that the volumes will be aggregated across a smaller number of sub-national contracts.

Base Services includes the following activities:

  • the management of all things necessary to ensure the sustainable delivery of Base Services and the responsibility for the integration of all service providers delivering a Base Services package;
  • the maintenance of plant and equipment on a performance-based, preventative and reactive basis, plant operation and programmed and reactive estate works management (building fabric repairs and maintenance and minor new works delivery);
  • the operation and management of critical infrastructure such as training areas and ranges, bulk fuel installations, water treatment facilities and sewage treatment plants;
  • the delivery of hospitality services including on-base dining, external catering, preparation and delivery of offsite pre-prepared meals, function support, accommodation management, gymnasium and pool supervision and bookings and laundry services;
  • the delivery of logistics services including transport pool management, short and long term driving tasks, base to base couriers, stores management, and packaged fuel management;
  • the delivery of environmental management services including office, workshop and hangar cleaning, grounds maintenance management and activities, waste and recycling management, and pest and vermin control;
  • the delivery of security and emergency services including access control and asset surveillance, issue of ID cards, and airfield and structural fire fighting; and
  • the delivery of airfield support services including airfield mowing, runway sweeping and aircraft refuelling.

DSG’s initial engagement with industry will be conducted via this RFI through which Defence will engage with organisations of sufficient capability and viability to deliver one or more of the activities described above, either across Australia or parts thereof aligned with industry capacity.

Participation in the RFI process is not mandatory, and non-participation will not preclude any organisation from the opportunity to participate in any future procurement activities that Defence may undertake in relation to Base Services.

Defence is currently preparing to approach the market for these activities using a two-stage procurement process commencing with an Invitation to Register (ITR) phase anticipated for early July 2012. This stage will be a pre-qualification phase and lead to the establishment of a short-list of qualified providers. These providers will then be invited to participate in a ‘restricted’ Request for Tender (RFT) process anticipated for mid-September 2012.

Enquiries: Luke McLeod, Director Procurement & Contracting, Tel: (03) 9282 3717, Email: dsg.procurement@defence.gov.au

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