Philip Smart | Adelaide

Israel’s Fibrotex Technologies will supply advanced multispectral camouflage systems to Denmark, under a deal which capitalises on options as part of a previous order from Finland.

Fibrotex's multispectral camouflage systems protect against various sensors in a variety of ranges, including UV, Visual, Near-Infrared, Thermal, and Radar.

The systems were developed to meet the camouflage properties and extreme environmental conditions of Northern Europe.

This was the second Nordic country to place an order for Fibrotex’s camouflage systems in the past 18 months and the fourth signed by European Armies in the past 12 months, following sales to the Finnish Defense Forces, the French Army, and the Lithuanian Army.

The order is based on the options of the Finnish contract, enabling Nordic countries to purchase Fibrotex’s most advanced camouflage systems until 2018, when the contract will need to be extended.

The first deliveries of this new contract will take place during the summer of 2015.

The company has been developing and manufacturing signature management systems for armies and special forces around the globe for more than 40 years.

It has recently entered the combat uniform and technical apparel arena, delivering products to the IDF and other armies around the world.

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