Red Piranha and Downer’s Defence Systems business have formed a partnership to develop an integrated holistic information security program to support Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Red Piranha, Australia’s first next-generation firewall developer, and Downer have entered into a technology partnership involving Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution to enable Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) as a service.

“With cyber security a concern spanning all business sectors, companies recognise the importance of implementing sophisticated defence capabilities," Downer Executive General Manager, Practice Capability, Dan Murray, said.

“As part of Downer’s delivery of services to the national security and critical infrastructure sectors, we are focused on improving the security posture of assets in what is an increasingly complex threat environment. We look forward to working with Red Piranha to develop a product that will offer a simple and integrated approach to delivering enhanced levels of risk visibility and security assurance for industrial customers."

“I’m excited about the partnership and Red Piranha’s chance to deploy Crystal Eye, a truly integrated holistic information security program, with a major integrated services provider for critical infrastructure," Red Piranha’s CEO, Adam Bennett said.

"For the past two decades we have increased our use of technology in everyday lives and business. This uptake of technology has seen the attack surface scale and grow exponentially at the same time.

"The way we have attempted to deal with this problem up until now is to throw more people at the security problem. This doesn't scale and is the opposite of leverage. At Red Piranha we strive to develop technology that allows us to scale with the problem, addressing fundamental flaws in the current approach at dealing with enterprise cyber security issues," Bennet concluded.

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