• Credit: ADM (Patrick Durrant)
    Credit: ADM (Patrick Durrant)
  • Credit: ADM Patrick Durrant
    Credit: ADM Patrick Durrant

Patrick Durrant | Cecil Park, Sydney

ADM attended EPE's 2016 Roadshow at the Sydney International Shooting Centre on Thursday 28 April where a wide array of CBRN, unmanned, ECM, force protection and ISR equipment was displayed.

The Qinetiq Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20) was demonstrated in a vehicle bomb inspection scenario, ably assisted by a remote-controlled Bobcat with a Robotic Applique kit (see video). 

The DR-20 can lift up to 4.5 kilograms with its manipulator arm, which has a rotating shoulder, wrist and grippers for dexterity. Originally designed for the US Marine Corps, it weighs in at less than 10 kilograms and is not much larger than a child's radio-controlled vehicle. It also has extended RF operating capabilities and can operate in a jammed environment.

Other equipment on display included the new MED-ENG EOD10 Bomb Disposal Protective suit. Members of the NSW Police Force and Navy Clearance Diving teams were interested to see how it compared with their existing suits. One of the new features of the suit was the ability to easily remove the body armour, increasing comfort for the wearer when not directly exposed to the threat.

At right: The EOD10 is the latest bomb suit offering from MED-ENG. Credit: ADM (Patrick Durrant)

Credit: ADM Patrick Durrant

The Alakai PRIED is a man-portable explosive detection capability. Credit: ADM (Patrick Durrant)

Chuck Waggoner, an ex US Army Special Forces Colonel and expert in Force Protection Electronic Countermeasures (FPECM), demonstrated Alakai's Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector (PRIED) which has previously been available only as a vehicle mounted capability. It has now evolved into a man-packable version enabling early warning and covert identification of explosive compounds in varying scenarios such as checkpoints, venues, buildings and targets of interest. 

The PRIED has an expandable library presently containing more than 30 fingerprints for explosives, HME, TIC/TIM and CWA, which can be readily updated.

Smiths Detection were also in attendance at the event showcasing their wide range of CBRNE solutions.

CEO EPE Warwick Penrose said that EPE was also exploring the counter-drone market. It partnered with US counter drone technology company Department 13 earlier this year and hopes to demonstrate the Mesmer-D system in the second quarter of this year.  


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