• Imposter Syndrome is particularly felt by women in the workplace. Credit: Pixabay
    Imposter Syndrome is particularly felt by women in the workplace. Credit: Pixabay

It is fair to say at some point or another we've all felt like we have had to pinch ourselves in our careers, we could not believe we scored that job, got that promotion or that opportunity we dreamed about. How did it happen? Did we just get lucky?

This inability to accept our own accomplishments and capabilities is a phenomenon felt right across the world, but particularly by women in the workplace.

This perpetual self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a phony is so common it was actually coined as 'Imposter Syndrome' in the 70s. And guess what, it’s still hanging around

One of the most common symptoms of imposter syndrome is feeling anxious when given a task at work and then compensating by over-preparing to a fault. Orsitting in a high level meeting and wondering why they invited you, only to feel relieved that you weren't "found out" once it was over.

Keeping up the facade of success, you continue to work harder and harder, falling into an unhealthy, vicious cycle of inadequacy. Here are 12 signs you might have Imposter Syndrome.

We spoke to the founders of Outspoken Women to find out how you can beat imposter syndrome once and for all - and take your career to the next level.  

1. Fake it 'til you make it

Dig deep and work out what it is you need to overcome the imposter syndrome and then look at ways you can work on that. Where do you start? By making a list of all your strengths, achievements and what you ARE good at. Then make a list of areas you'd like to improve on and find out how you can do that.

2. Find a cheer squad

Surround yourself with positive women and men, join networking groups where you can mingle and meet other women who will back you. If you are not a big networker, look for a colleague or friend who can join you. 

3. Learn how to speak up 

Find the tips and tricks you need to help over come your nerves and help find that belief in yourself that you deserve to be heard. It can be hard to find that inner voice but learn what it sounds like and take the big and small opportunities to use it.

4. Get out your roadmap

So where is it you want to go? We all have a destination in mind so work out the steps need to take for your career goals. Map the path to get there and develop a step-by-step strategy. Once you know where you want to be it becomes easier to believe you can get there.

5. Celebrate the wins

Define what success looks and feels like to you and celebrate your achievements - no matter how big or small. Take a moment to remember that you got there through your own wins. It is so important you do, because this is how you slowly knock away the imposter syndrome.

You can implement these five simple steps almost immediately by joining the next Outspoken Women masterclass. You'll take away the tools, strategies and confidence you need to stop feeling like a fraud and start kicking career goals. Not to mention you'll connect with amazing like-minded women.

The next workshop in Adelaide will be held on Wednesday, 3 July 2019. For more information just visit www.outspokenwomen.com

PS. Outspoken Women encourage you to speak to your employer about subsidising the workshop. You can even download a free email template to help you make your case when approaching them.

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