• Aircraft Technicians from RAAF’s No. 1 Squadron guide an F414 engine into position for an engine swap on a F/A-18F Super Hornet.
    Aircraft Technicians from RAAF’s No. 1 Squadron guide an F414 engine into position for an engine swap on a F/A-18F Super Hornet. Defence

GE Aviation and TAE Aerospace will support advanced engine work in Australia for the US Navy’s fleet of F414 engines.

Under the GE Total Logistics Support program, the US Navy’s F414 engines will receive prime logistics support in Australia, with selected repairs to be carried out on engine components by GE and its partner, Queensland-based TAE Aerospace.

While the US Navy traditionally conducts its depot repair work at facilities in the US, the success of GE and TAE in supporting the RAAF F414 fleet over the past decade reportedly encouraged consideration of a program based in Australia. Since 2011, program service and availability requirements were met or exceeded, as measured on a monthly basis.

These repairs will be completed at TAE’s dedicated facility in Brisbane. The first US Navy components are scheduled to be completed in August.

 “We are extremely proud to provide our highest level of support to the US Navy and are committed to ensuring our reliable F414 engines continue to receive support that meets or exceeds the Navy’s requirements,” Al Dilibero, GE Aviation’s vice president of Medium Combat & Trainer Engines, said. “This is the first time to our knowledge that F414 repairs have taken place outside of the US and our intent is to grow the list of repairs and volume of US Navy work done in Australia where it makes sense.”

“Having maintenance and repair options in both the US and Australia enhances our collective capability and offers depth to a common support system,” Director General Air Combat Systems, CASG, AIRCDRE Gerry Van Leeuwen, said. “The increased work conducted here in Australia not only strengthens the national technical and industrial base of both nations but also bolsters supply chain resilience. This is an important factor in supporting operations, especially here in the strategically significant Indo-Pacific region.”

TAE Aerospace chief executive officer Andrew Sanderson said the opportunity to complete the US Navy’s F414 engine component repair work was significant, both for the business and Australia’s aerospace sector.

“We’ve worked with GE Aviation for more than a decade in support of the RAAF F/A-18 engine fleets and to now be able to apply our repair IP, skills and quality in support of the US Navy F414 engines is a great acknowledgement of TAE’s and Australia’s capabilities as a global aerospace maintenance provider,” Sanderson said.

The framework established by GE that allows US Navy hardware to be sent to Australia could be broadened to expand the scope of repair work undertaken in Australia for the US military.

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