• Credit: BAE Systems PLC
    Credit: BAE Systems PLC

Sea 5000 Future frigate bidder BAE Systems Australia has its commitment to recruiting more than 1000 apprentices and graduates if down-selected for the Federal Government’s program.

As part of its workforce mobilisation strategy for Sea 5000, BAE Systems’ has developed a recruitment strategy that will include an Early Careers Program to create a pipeline of apprentices and graduates throughout the build phase of the program.

“Our commitment for Sea 5000 is to build a diverse and skilled workforce in Australia,” CEO Glynn Phillips said. “I am confident that our Early Careers Program will attract Australia’s brightest talent from schools and universities.”

Apprenticeships in steelwork, mechanical, electrical and technical trades will be central to the company’s strategy to ensure the right breadth and depth of skilled workers are brought into the multi-decade program.  At its peak it is expected the Early Careers Program will have a population of around 150 apprentices which will continue throughout the 35-year program.

To ensure the Company can access the widest possible pool of Australian talent, BAE Systems is also committing to work with community and industry leaders to develop apprenticeships for Indigenous employees, growing the Company’s diversity through the program if down-selected.

A graduate program for business and engineering students will also offer opportunities for international placements across the company’s global business.

“If BAE Systems is down-selected for SEA 5000, by the end of the construction phase – circa 2038, we estimate that 75 percent of our workforce, including senior executives, will have started as graduates or apprentices, making a job on SEA 5000 potentially a job for life,” Phillips said.

He added that many early careers employees would also benefit from hands-on experience and training in the UK in advance of production kicking off in Adelaide. BAE Systems is already constructing the Type 26 ASW frigates for the Royal Navy; the Type 26 design forms the basis of the Global Combat Ship design submitted by the company for Sea 5000.  

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