Katherine Ziesing | Brisbane

Saab used the Land Forces show to launch the new version of the 84mm Carl Gustav M4 launcher.

The M4 variant is three kilos lighter than its M3 predecessor at less than seven kilograms thanks a range of measures including a greater use of titanium and carbon fibre materials.

Modern dismounted infantry are likely to have to operate in a range of environments – including urban areas.

This means that weapon systems need to be light, tactically flexible and highly accurate.

Today’s infantry are increasingly seeing their role move away from having a force-on-force focus, to that of counter-insurgency or peacekeeping.

This means that they need to operate more independently and be able to deal with a wider range of tactical situations.

The increasing technological complexity of modern conflicts, as well as the range of battlefield challenges, means that infantry must carry more equipment than ever before.

Carl-Gustaf M4 offers multiple capabilities in a single lightweight system.

All munitions used by the M3 are able to be used in the M4 along with a range of new munitions under development, Saab confirmed.

The M4 system does not come with an intelligent sight.

Instead it is compatible with a number of various sight options including  intelligent sights in addition to the standard telescopic sight.

When it comes to reserve sights, the M4 can be fitted with an integrated red-dot sight instead of the standard open sights if the customers choose to.

While no launch customer has been identified, Saab is confident that the market is ready for the M4.

The product will be ready for first deliveries during 2016.

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