• The South Australian Police's new H145. 

Credit: Babcock
    The South Australian Police's new H145. Credit: Babcock

Babcock Australasia has delivered an Airbus H145 helicopter to the State Rescue Helicopter Service (SRHS) in South Australia. 

The Babcock Australasia owned, operated, and maintained aircraft will be used exclusively by South Australia Police (SAPOL) as part of its law enforcement efforts.

The Airbus aircraft is one of two replacement helicopters to be provided by Babcock this year, as part of a  $150 million, four-year contract extension with the SRHS.

The second aircraft – a Bell 412 EP – will be configured specifically for SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) medical rescues and retrievals. It is scheduled to arrive in December.

The Airbus H145 is currently undergoing rigorous training, with pilots, aircrew and police Tactical Flight Officers honing their skills to ensure seamless integration into SAPOL’s existing capabilities.

Upon completion of training, the new aircraft will replace the current SAPOL Bell 412 helicopter, which will continue to operate alongside it during the training period. This strategic transition ensures uninterrupted service while embracing modern technology.

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