• PV Deutrom underway. 

Credit: Dongara Marine.
    PV Deutrom underway. Credit: Dongara Marine.

Dongara Marine has handed over a fast patrol boat to the Northern Territory Police. 

Completed in March 2024, PV Deutrom was purpose designed, built, and equipped for police operations requiring very high speed and the ability to carry multiple personnel. Dongara Marine also supplied a custom, heavy duty aluminium trailer to enable the vessel to be used throughout the Territory’s diverse and often remote maritime landscape.

The 8.4 metre by 3.1 metre custom rigid inflatable boat (RIB) has an aluminium hull, foam filled collar, and a control console set up for two-person operation and can trace back its design origins to military and search and rescue craft operating overseas.

A pair of 300 horsepower Mercury outboards can propel the vessel above 50 knots. 

“While many fast boats offer high speed, they can also exhibit undesirable handling characteristics under certain conditions, posing challenges for safe and effective operation,” said Rohan Warr, Managing Director of Dongara Marine. 

"By contrast, combining the outboards’ power, power steering, and digital throttles with the refined Southerly Designs hullform and active ride control, results in this vessel delivering responsive and predictable handling."

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