• Credit: Downer
    Credit: Downer

Downer has launched a dedicated Mission Engineering Practice – a specialist division of the Downer Professional Services business – committed to the delivery of end-to-end mission engineering services.

The new Practice will be led by veteran Air Force officer Rachel Hatton, who has stepped into the newly created role of Head of Mission Engineering.

“Downer Professional Services delivers outcomes that put Australia’s interests first, and Mission Engineering will be pivotal to Defence realising the imperatives of the Defence Strategic Review," said Hatton.

"The formation of this Practice highlights our clear understanding of and commitment to our role as a steadfast partner to the Australian Government, delivering complex projects that safeguard Australia’s future.”

Mission engineering seeks to align Defence's capabilities with specific mission objectives – prioritising mission effectiveness over individual platforms or technologies, and emphasising incorporation of operational context and mission requirements into the capability lifecycle.

Downer’s Mission Engineering Practice will serve as a hub for the delivery of end-to-end Mission Engineering services, including mission thread development, capability assessment and integration, and digital engineering.

“Our goal is to meaningfully contribute to the design and delivery of a force that seamlessly aligns with Australia's strategic priorities – supporting a resilient and mission-ready Defence Force,” said Hatton.

“To do this effectively, we want everyone in Industry to have access to the training required to support adoption of this transformative methodology.”

The company stated that the mission engineering practice also supports Downer’s commitment to uplifting workforce skills in Defence and Defence Industry, with the formation of a dedicated mission engineering and digital engineering training capability that will see Downer offering targeted training programs to Defence and defence industry.

“To best support the strategic imperatives of Defence, it is critical we take on an industry leadership role, remaining at the forefront of new innovations, technologies, and capabilities," said Conway Kosi, Managing Director of Downer Professional Services.

“The launch of our Mission Engineering Practice and ensuing commitment to industry-wide training supports this and is a natural extension of the services Downer has proudly provided to Defence for over 80 years.”

Hatton is joined by a team of defence industry specialists, who are already delivering several mission engineering projects, including a Defence Pilot program.

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