• DroneShield

DroneShield has been awarded an approximately $900,000 Research and Development contract from a Five-Eyes Government. The contract aims to leverage the potential of the DroneSentry-X Mk,2 and will provide an initial set of software tools to enhance end-user capabilities in the Counter-UAS Electronic Attack domain.    

The company says this latest contract aligns closely with its current technology roadmap. Software controlled multi-channel wide band disruption allows for not only optimised channel management, frequency management, power usage and optimisation but also the addition of custom waveforms targeted at various threats. 
Advancements in drone protocols designed to move away from RF interference as well as work in high noise, high clutter environments means that traditional methods of disruption may become less effective over time. With a software approach to disruption the ability to adapt the disruption to stay one step ahead of the technology has become paramount of successful disruption systems. 
“DroneShield’s radio frequency jamming capability has been recognised globally as highly effective in defeating nefarious drones.  This new contract highlights that the DroneSentry-X Mk2 is a step-function in smart-jamming capabilities.  We are looking forward to delivering on the capabilities the Defense users are looking for,” Chief Technical Officer Angus Bean said.

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