• Credit: Carbonix
    Credit: Carbonix

Aerospace composites manufacturer Quickstep Holdings has announced a substantial follow-on order from its Australian partner and advanced drone development company, Carbonix.

The order encompasses 40 Volanti airframes and associated non-recurring engineering, marking this the largest order received from Carbonix for this drone type.
Valued at $1.35 million, this order is scheduled to be fully delivered before June 30, 2024, with all work planned to be completed at Quickstep's facility in Geelong, Victoria. 

"We are thrilled to announce this significant follow-on order from Carbonix," said Luke Preston, Engineering Leader at Quickstep.

"This order not only highlights the strength of our partnership with Carbonix but also validates Quickstep's expertise in delivering advanced engineered drone solutions for diverse applications, with more drone orders expected in the near future.“

Volanti is Carbonix’s smallest all electric fixed-wing VTOL UAV (Vertical take-off and landing Un-crewed Aerial Vehicle). Carbonix initially partnered with Quickstep in October 2022, for the manufacture of Volanti aerostructures. 

Quickstep stated that this latest order underscores the continued partnership and trust between Quickstep and Carbonix, solidifying the company's position as a premier provider of advanced drone solutions. 

“With state-of-the-art facilities in New South Wales and Victoria, Carbonix is thrilled to be partnering with Quickstep and their highly trained and enthusiastic workforce, renowned for their innovative approach," said Carbonix CEO, Philip van der Burg.

“Quickstep’s global reputation for their quality and expertise in aerospace manufacturing is critical in ensuring the highest standards we expect to deliver to our customers as well as continuing our path to aircraft certification."

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