• Iron Stallion. 

Credit: KBR
    Iron Stallion. Credit: KBR

KBR’s Iron Stallion technology can find, watch, track and report on the movement of objects in space and now forms an integral component of the Australian Government’s space domain awareness. 

Iron Stallion is a command and control technology that is being used by the Department of Defence to support Australia’s need for advanced space-based surveillance capabilities. It has proved its effectiveness in the US, with the US Department of Defence, and in the UK, with UK Space Command. 

Iron Stallion builds on KBR’s decades of space-based experience. It is an easy-to-use technology that  integrates and analyses diverse data sources including radar, electro-optical imagery, passive radio  frequency and resident space object catalogues. 

A modern microservices based system, Iron Stallion draws on more than one million raw sensor observations, 10 million total space data records and more than 1.5 million air and ship tracks per day  from 1800 sensors and data from 20 concurrent real-time commercial and government space providers. 

“Iron Stallion is the product of many years of world leading research and development and is a great example of how KBR can provide critical command and control capabilities to the Australian Defence Force," said KBR Vice President GS APAC Nic Maan.


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