• Penten's tech secures iPhones for government use. (Penten)
    Penten's tech secures iPhones for government use. (Penten)

Working with global partners inside and out of government, Canberra-based cyber SME Penten has revealed its vision for secure mobility for government users.

Penten’s AltoCrypt Phone delivers a suite of secure applications to stay connected with chat, voice and video, email and calendar on a managed iPhone. The tech delivers tools for accessing classified information and enabling modern work practices whilst respecting doctrine, regulation and sovereignty.

“The last 10 years has seen the rapid uptake of mobile devices to support our daily lives, we are more connected than ever and more effective because of it," Penten CEO Matthew Wilson said.

“The business of Defence is digitising and the team at Penten and its partners have been focused on ensuring that Defence is empowered with mobile tools and protections to take advantage of this digital revolution."

The capability aims to improve situational awareness, informed decision making and workplace flexibility for Defence.

“The next generation of war fighters and policy makers have had a mobile device in their hands for much of their lives, mobile devices support how they work, learn and live. AltoCrypt Phone will give them the tool they need to maximise their potential in government, securely," Wilson said.

Penten recently partnered with CSIRO’s Data61, the data and digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency, to extend the country’s sovereign advantage in autonomous and active defence.

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