• A datAshur USB drive.
    A datAshur USB drive.

SecureDrive Australasia director Fred Saliba has cautioned industry and government agencies to be aware of the changes to the Australian Privacy Act which became effective on 12 March 2014 and to consider steps that need to be taken to comply with the new requirements.

SecureDrive offers a range of products, including the iStorage datAshur product, a hardware encrypted USB flash drive with on-board keyboard, which Saliba believes is among the products which are well suited to help organisations wanting to comply with the new law.

While the iStorage datAshur product is yet to certified by ASD, he told ADM that he believes it is a product that will certainly fill in a gap that currently exists in Defence for portable USB flash drive hardware.

In November 2013, the istorage datAshur won the prestigious ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2013 UK IT Industry Awards.

The datAshur is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified product and is on NATO’s approved product catalogue.

Information on the changes to the Act can be accessed at this link:

For information on SecureDrive products, go to:

SecureDrive was an exhibitor at the ADM2014 Defence/Industry Congress held in February in Canberra.

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