• HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Sydney have both been treated with an antimicrobial shield.
    HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Sydney have both been treated with an antimicrobial shield. Defence

Australian anti-microbial treatment specialist Protection Brands has entered into a Standing Offer with Defence to provide sanitisation and surface treatment services to the RAN.

The company has recently completed its first application of antimicrobial shield treatment to surfaces on Australia’s major surface ship fleet. The non-toxic, long lasting, hypoallergenic process is capable of eradicating close to 100 per cent of all known pathogens and viruses.

Protection Brands is an established service provider to the commercial aviation and automotive sectors in Australia.

“Whilst we offer a range of asset protection services, interest in our anti-microbial shield treatment has escalated dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Protection Brands Group Managing Director Mark Pettitt said. “Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we were primarily liaising with operators in the commercial aviation and motor vehicle sector.

“Airlines and transport companies are acutely aware of the risks associated with SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and Ebola virus and the continuing prevalence of other serious diseases such as Norovirus and now Coronavirus,” he said.

“With most airlines suspending operations, we have seized the opportunity to pivot and expand our specialist services into new channels in an effort to assist in containing the pandemic both here in Australia and overseas. We are tremendously proud to have been selected to work with the RAN in helping protect their personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Andrew Forster, General Manager, Protection Brands and RAN Project Lead said the initial treatment had been successfully implemented in record time.

“Within a four-week period, we have completed treatments of more than 30 RAN Navy vessels located in all major Australian ports,” he said. “The vessels have included Amphibious Assault Ships HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Canberra and Guided Missile Destroyers HMAS Brisbane, HMAS Hobart and HMAS Sydney,” he said.

“The initial program was achieved with exceptional support from key defence personnel. Feedback from all involved including ship staff, defence personnel and industry partners has been extremely positive,” he added.

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