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Red Team Thinking has announced the establishment of the Red Team Thinking Academy to provide decision-support red team training to the military, national security, and intelligence agencies in the US and allied nations.

Red teams play enemy roles in training, simulations and wargames.

“We are launching the RTT Academy to ensure that this invaluable practice continues to be taught to and used by leaders in these critical areas,” said President Bryce Hoffman, a 2015 graduate of the US Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies and the author of the book Red Teaming. “The courses we offer and the tools we teach will continue to be based on proven military methods, but will also reflect our continuing evolution of this concept from formal red teaming to Red Team Thinking.”

Red Team Thinking is designed to arm leaders at all echelons with the tools to make high-quality decisions at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

“Given the closure of military schools focused on red teaming, the RTT Academy offers seminars on the application of these applied critical thinking methods, which are of immediate utility and add value to any decision-making process,” COL (ret'd) Kevin Benson, the Academy’s dean, said. “Applying Red Team Thinking methods ensure the nuances of changing conditions – friendly/enemy/neutral – are considered when developing the campaigns and plans required for success in the twenty-first century.”

Other Academy staff include COL (ret'd) Fred Krawchuk and RAF Wing Commander (ret'd) Ellie Cloke, as well as a team of instructors with experience working with the military and intelligence agencies including the US Marine Corps and British Royal Marines.

“Our aim is to provide comprehensive training and support capability worldwide,” Vice President Marcus Dimbleby, a former RAF Wing Commander who deployed with the US Marines after 9/11 and later helped develop and execute the air defence strategy for the 2012 Olympics in London, said. “The need for red teaming has never been greater.”

The RTT Academy is hosting a free online forum for current and former military, security, and intelligence red teamers to provide networking opportunities, facilitate the sharing of new ideas and best practices, and promote the continuing growth and development of red teaming in these critical arenas.

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