Philip Smart | Adelaide

Saab will build two new-generation A26 submarines for the Swedish government, after Defence Minister Peter Hulqvist announced he will issue a mandate to the armed forces for the acquisition this Thursday.

Although Saab has not received an order it is expected to do so after discussions and agreement on terms and requirements.

Saab and FMV, the Swedish Defence Material Administration, signed a Letter of Intent in 2014 regarding the Swedish Armed Forces’ underwater capability for the period 2015-2024.

It covers support, development, design and production of submarines and other underwater systems.

The Saab Kockums A26 is an as yet unbuilt design for a 62m long submarine with a surfaced displacement of 1800 tonnes and a standard crew of 26.

It has a submerged speed of more than six knots, with a total mission endurance of more than 45 days and the ability to launch Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs).


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