• Credit: ServiceNow
    Credit: ServiceNow

The Defence Strategic Review has set the entire Australian Defence Force the challenge to build the force Australia needs – now and for the future. While challenges have undoubtedly been uncovered, the Review also represents a tremendous opportunity to create the unified, integrated force that the ADF needs to complete its mission.

This will require a secure, central platform to support everyone in the Department of Defence – from front line combat troops through to backroom staff – to consolidate data and systems, improve intelligence, and automate processes.

Just like on the battlefield: visibility and communication carry the day 

The ambition of the Review is to ensure the entire Department of Defence have maximum visibility and interoperability, with access to actionable insights to make faster, more informed decisions that enhance operational readiness.

This level of transformation will require an intuitive digital experience designed to empower the troops and personnel of the future. This is only possible with an intelligent platform that breaks down and integrates mission silos. By establishing a highly secure, connective tissue across the Department of Defence, a unified platform provides a robust foundation for collaboration and partnership across the wider defence ecosystem.

Competing ambitions, served by a unified platform 

While it's a long list of requirements, each requiring very high standards, we’ve delivered similar transformational projects for other defence forces amongst our Five Eyes allies, as well as for organisations in health, government, infrastructure, finance, transport and more.

Dr Raj Iyer, Global Head of Public Sector at ServiceNow and previously the CIO for the US Army, will be live at MiLCIS, to share his recent experiences in the field. Dr Iyer led the project team that delivered the ServiceNow platform for the US Army, resulting in a seamless experience for US soldiers and their families living on base as well as a single data platform that gives leadership an at-a-glance view of bottlenecks and root causes, including inventory or staffing issues.

Our team of experts took the time to analyse the review, assess the opportunities and identify areas of synergy and mutual benefit.

The result is a list of the top 5 areas where ServiceNow’s global capabilities and intelligent platform can accelerate transformation for the Department of Defence Team:

1. Unified, integrated force

2. Improved capability and efficiency

3. Deliver a modern employee experience

4. Secure, compliant and in control

5. Enabling staff and warfighters for the Future Integrated Force 

The opportunity for positive transformation is within reach 

Credit: ServiceNow
Credit: ServiceNow

ServiceNow has the skills, technology and expertise to partner with Australia’s defence leaders to achieve the Defence Strategic Review’s vision: 

  • Stronger, unified ADF 
  • Modern workforce experience 
  • Secure and compliant  

The ADF can benefit from a platform that improves the automation of workflows (including Risk Management Framework automation), provides portfolio management capabilities and enhances process visibility.   

An intelligent technology platform like ServiceNow can also connect legacy applications and be deployed wherever Defence needs it, providing access from any Defence network, domain or location. 

As world events show us daily, now is the time to embrace a system of action and prepare the defence force of the future.  

To get an overview of ServiceNow’s recommendations, take a look this executive summary video: 5 Opportunities from the Defence Strategic Review 

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