• Credit: Babcock
    Credit: Babcock

Babcock’s Arrowhead multi-mission ship is a capable, adaptable and cost-effective platform for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s future needs, Babcock Australasia CEO Andrew Cridland says.

In response to the New Zealand Ministry of Defence’s industry engagement request to replace the current naval fleet, Babcock has confirmed that it will formally present its proven Arrowhead platform as the future solution for the RNZN.

Babcock’s Arrowhead platform would provide support for a range of RNZN functions including search and rescue, humanitarian, combat and disaster relief capability.

Babcock also believes the Arrowhead would deliver significant capability to the Royal Australian Navy in response to the Federal Government’s independent surface combatant review.

Arrowhead is capable, adaptable and cost-effective

Babcock Australasia CEO Andrew Cridland said: “Babcock’s Arrowhead platform offers an unrivalled blend of price, capability and flexibility to suit the needs of our customers.

“We believe Arrowhead would deliver significant multi-mission capability to the Royal New Zealand Navy, meeting its requirements both now and in the future.

“We recognise our customers have different needs driven by budget, capability and adaptability requirements and the Arrowhead is unique in that we can tailor the design to suit the needs of specific navies.

“Babcock’s platform delivers a flexible, long range, interoperable capability that can undertake a range of non-combat and combat missions, ensuring our service men and women have access to proven capability to face our emerging threats.”

Requiring a core crew of 100 people, Babcock’s Arrowhead frigate allows the Royal New Zealand Navy to deploy more capability with a significantly smaller crew.

“Our Arrowhead design will optimise fleet numbers based on common systems and equipment’s through reduced training requirements and increased familiarity between vessels,” Cridland said.

“In addition, Babcock’s Arrowhead frigate has better range and endurance than other vessels on the market to support operations all over the world.”

Strong interest in Arrowhead internationally

The multi-mission ship has already been taken up by navies in the UK, Poland and Indonesia.

“There is no doubt there has been strong international interest in Babcock’s Arrowhead multi-mission ship,” Cridland said.

At its facilities in Rosyth, Scotland, Babcock is well underway with the design and build programme that will deliver five Type 31 Frigates for the UK Royal Navy, based on our Arrowhead 140 (AH140) platform.

In 2021, Babcock secured its first export contract for the AH140 through a licence agreement with PT PAL Indonesia, with the first keel, of the two-ship programme for the Indonesian Navy, laid this year.

Babcock’s AH140 frigate has also been selected by the PGZ-MIECZNIK Consortium as the baseline platform design for Poland’s Miecznik frigates with steel cut on the first of three frigates for the Polish Navy in August 2023.

Arrowhead NZ supplier day a success

Babcock recently held a suppliers’ day in New Zealand, attended by more than 65 suppliers aspiring to undertake work to support the delivery of the company’s Arrowhead solution.

“Our local suppliers are critical to supporting the services we proudly provide the Royal New Zealand Navy, and they will be integral to supporting the country’s future naval fleet,” Cridland said.

Babcock has a strong marine defence presence in New Zealand. The company is currently contracted to operate the country’s largest marine engineering and maintenance support facility in Devonport, Auckland.

“Babcock is proud to partner with the Royal New Zealand Navy as their strategic maritime partner,” Cridland said.

“Now more than ever, what we do matters: creating a safe and secure world, together.”

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