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    Credit: Navy Health

When it comes to workplace happiness and retention, employees are now seeking out more than what simply “meets expectations”, such as a fair wage and civil working conditions. Today, the modern workforce is in pursuit of a more enriching and holistic experience; one where employees feel cared for, not only in their professional lives, but personally as well, with their health and wellbeing remaining a key priority at an organisational level.

Employers now also hold the power to create a company culture that attracts top talent by supporting their employees, enabling their professional and personal development, and ensuring overall job satisfaction. Employers can achieve this by developing compelling and purposeful strategies to elevate their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Employers who recognise the need for these strategies and embrace such opportunity are better poised for success by not just attracting and retaining employees, but by securing and nurturing the most exceptional talent available in the market.

Leveraging Private Health Insurance Corporate Programs

One powerful tool that many organisations are turning towards, is the implementation of private health insurance corporate programs. These programs have continuously proven to be effective and involve the collaboration between employers and private health insurance providers, aimed at providing an organisation's employees with more accessible and cost-effective access to a comprehensive range of healthcare services. This includes coverage for hospital stays, physiotherapy, dental care, prescription medications and more.* Employers will have the option to cover some or all of the costs associated with their employee’s private health coverage.

*Waiting periods and pre-existing conditions may apply. View the Important Information About Your Policy document for more information.

Benefits of a Corporate Health Insurance Program

Implementing a corporate health insurance program may offer substantial value for both employers and employees alike.

Firstly, a corporate health insurance program may serve as a powerful recruitment and retention tool, enhancing an organisation's employee value proposition (EVP) by demonstrating a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing. By offering private health insurance coverage, organisations can not only attract the right talent, but also contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce, as employees are more likely to proactively seek medical attention and preventive care, reducing absenteeism and improving overall performance.

These programs may also offer a source of competitive advantage, particularly in industries with high-demand skills.

Overall, a well-designed corporate health insurance program is an investment that pays off through a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

Partner with Navy Health

By partnering with Navy Health and implementing a corporate health insurance program, you can take a unique and collaborative approach in demonstrating your organisations commitment towards the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Navy Health offers personalised corporate health plans and wellness programs, all designed to meet the unique needs of your employees and business objectives.

With every employer funded program, you’ll receive:

  • On-site or virtual health and wellness activities, presentations, and support sessions to ensure your employees understand their health insurance benefits
  • Seamless administration and management of the program to provide a stress-free experience for your organisations HR team, and
  • Marketing support and tailored education seminars to empower your employees to get the best out of their cover and proactively utilise their benefits.

For more information, visit our website or if you are interested in speaking to Navy Health about getting started with your own Corporate private health insurance program, contact our Corporate Relationship Partner at corporate@navyhealth.com.au.

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