• Credit: Goal Group
    Credit: Goal Group

Australia's strategic environment, as outlined in the DSR and reinforced through the AUKUS trilateral security partnership, highlights the scarcity of time and skilled individuals to accomplish important Defence tasks. Goal Group has developed a stand-alone Defence Grade AI capability to support Defence with resource-intensive activities that are key to optimising Defence's use and management of capability.

Goal Group has three areas of AI leveraging and application yielding incredible outcomes:

  • Legacy Mass Document Conversion - to new standards in record time at a fraction of the manpower,
  • Export Control AI - through mass data scanning and interpretation, and
  • Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) process - significant efficiency gains through mass data harmonisation.

Goal Group's AI approach is capability enhancing. Accuracy is assured through AI-supported validation interfaces coupled with skilled veteran-in-the-loop oversight. We are using technology to enable capability decision making – not replacing it.

Goal Group's Logistics AI tool suite was developed to solve the problems presented by:

  • mass quantities of legacy document conversion to new standards;
  • issues with harmonisation across large data sets and asset classes; and
  • cost and resource scarcity prohibiting supply chain optimisation opportunities.

The Goal AI Logistics suite solution enables clients to convert legacy documentation to the S-Series standard and improves source material to produce a standardised format. It allows for greater operations efficiency through harmonisation and can significantly save time and cost. For example, the leading-edge Defence-ready AI can produce new S-Series standard documentation from raw data. The development pathway will introduce the ability to measure contracted acquisition requirements to outcomes.

Goal Group's AI Enhanced Export Control (EC) bespoke software supports compliance by supporting accelerated solutions and awareness of critical and complex issues Defence and industry are challenged to currently manage. Our EC AI augmented approaches specifically support:

  • expert resource scarcity;
  • prohibitive cost for such experts, especially for SMEs and Defence adjacent industries; and
  • regulatory complexity and frequent updates, leading to misinterpretation, delays and schedule blow-outs and the potential of breaches.

The AI EC solution produces immediate and accurate direction on Defence and dual-use trade compliance and changes the way all importers and exporters manage this space. It provides a method of understanding regulatory requirements and conditions with as much confidence as an experienced professional. A human-in-the-loop approach can still be used; however, by using AI, export control compliance and tasks may be managed by a junior employee with senior experts providing oversight.

Goal Group’s AI Solutions Development Team are focussed on AI applications which deliver measurable and significant gains within the LSAR Process. These enhanced capabilities will have a major impact on Defence’s ability to measure Supply Chain Preparedness including platform availability in near real-time Mission scenarios.

Find Goal Group at Indo Pac to discuss how our combined approach of human in-the-loop expertise and AI provides enhanced capability solutions and can support you.

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