• Credit: Systematiq
    Credit: Systematiq

In light of the release of the Defence Strategic Review (DSR), the timely delivery of relevant, viable capability is becoming the new priority for Australian Defence.

With the recent launch of the streamlined Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) redoubling this priority, industry must quickly adapt to meet the Commonwealth’s newfound focus towards efficiency and minimising time to acquisition.

As a consulting company dedicated to supporting projects, meeting scheduled milestones, and moving clients forward, Systematiq remains at the forefront when it comes to delivering outcomes on time and on budget.

As a veteran-owned business with experience across the past decade working with hundreds of defence clients, from Primes to SMEs, Systematiq fills capability gaps at every stage of the project lifecycle, to keep businesses running smoothly and enabling the accelerated delivery of viable capability.

Providing defence industry knowledge to SMEs

On Track Meals, a survivalist food manufacturer, sought to expand its offerings by supplying ration packs for the Australian Defence Force by responding to a tender. Challenging the incumbent, On Track had a strong value proposition. However, lacking experience in responding to Commonwealth tenders, they turned to Systematiq for support.

Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) tenders can be challenging to navigate for SMEs. As a consulting firm with strong roots in Australian defence industry, Systematiq’s expert knowledge of Defence processes ensures the on-time delivery of ASDEFCON tender responses.

Our Pre-Contracts specialists possess decades of combined experience with the ASDEFCON process, allowing us to develop a high-quality response at an efficient, accelerated pace.

Systematiq handled project planning, resource allocation, and document development across the On Track project. This included the development of an Australian Industry Capability (AIC) plan, crafting win themes, and articulating their compelling value proposition, highlighting the quality and uniqueness of On Track Meals’ products and services.

Ian Lumb, Chief Operating Officer at On Track Meals, commented on the invaluable knowledge Systematiq has provided them:

“From the moment we started working together on the response to our last meeting, it was a pleasure for our team to have worked with Systematiq. The education provided to us, and the continual guidance will assist our business regardless of the path it takes.”

Project Management support streamlines the delivery process

Systematiq provided Project Management Office (PMO) support to Defence Major Service Provider, CAPDA, where we acted as a conduit between the CAPDA Engineering team in Victoria and the CASG project LAND 154-Phase 4 team located in Canberra.

Experienced project managers are essential to maintaining project efficiencies and enabling teams to meet scheduled milestones. With a strong background in supporting defence projects, Systematiq are expert suppliers of this key resource.

An experienced Systematiq senior consultant led the project, managing a team of engineers and responsibility for 1000 lines in the schedule.

Despite working remotely, and with teams located in different states, Systematiq was able to efficiently facilitate the project, providing weekly reports to CASG and various stakeholders.

Systematiq added real value to CAPDA and CASG in managing the project, allowing engineers to focus on their priorities, alleviating stakeholder concerns, and ultimately streamlining the acquisition process.

Key Team Lead of ISREW-LAND SPO Steve Hume, CSC, commented on the value Systematiq provided to the project:  “[The Systematiq consultant] has been a valued member of our team as the VIK Team Lead in Melbourne. She set up the team and set the VIK work in motion, She displayed considerable empathy for the people she leads, whilst keeping the organisation’s objectives in sight.”

Surge resourcing fills gaps and relieves pressure for timely capability acquisition

Systematiq was engaged by the Headquarters Defence Command Support Training Centre (HQ DCSTC) to address a surge in demand for training systems services.

Where capability gaps and surge demands prevent the delivery of timely and relevant capability, Systematiq provides resources to bring projects back on track.

Systematiq supplied training design, evaluation and eLearning specialists to convert Learning Support Material (LSM) into Computer Based Learning (CBL) products, ensuring alignment with Defence HR systems and compliance requirements.

One notable outcome was the creation of a video series on the Signals Planning Process (SPP), enhancing the Regimental Officers Basic Course (ROBC) and Signals training continuum. These videos combined animation, 3D models, real footage, and narration to facilitate a better understanding of doctrine concepts.

Systematiq seamlessly integrated with HQ DCSTC, adapting to changing scopes and timelines. Our ability to surge resources into projects facing delay alleviates pressure for our clients, enabling streamlined capability delivery.

Systematiq moves projects forward

As an experienced defence consulting company, Systematiq’s expertise in responding to Commonwealth tenders, specialist project management and delivery support has proven valuable for various clients in defence industry.

Our ability to integrate with our clients, adapt to changing needs, and deliver high-quality results has solidified our position as a reliable partner.

Regardless of what phase your defence project is currently in, Systematiq can help. Contact us at Systematiq.com.au to learn more about how we can move your business forward today.

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