• The PPDS in flight.
    The PPDS in flight. SYPAQ

The Army has partnered with the Defence Innovation Hub to award an Army Innovation Day contract to SYPAQ to develop and demonstrate a next generation battlefield logistics small unmanned aerial system (UAS) called the Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS).

The contract, valued at over $1 million, was awarded using the Defence Innovation Hub’s Special Notice solicitation process. Special Notices allow Defence to call on industry and research organisations to submit proposals that can solve specific capability challenges.

Minister for Defence Industry Senator Linda Reynolds thanked SYPAQ for stepping up to answer the challenges of Accelerated Warfare.

“Defence units have an enduring need to be able to resupply their combat forces in the most hazardous environments,” Minister Reynolds said.

“Ensuring our Defence Force personnel have the most innovative, cutting-edge technology will ensure they are supported in their mission to defend Australia and its interests on the battlefield.”

Head of Land Capability Major General Kath Toohey said robotic innovations were key for the Army adapting to the challenges of the modern and future battlefield.

 “Army’s soldiers will get the opportunity to test this platform later this year and guide the development of advanced capabilities like the PPDS,” MAJGEN Toohey said.

 “Through initiatives such as the Defence Innovation Hub and Army Innovation Day, SYPAQ has had access to opportunities not typically available to small and medium sized businesses, including direct collaboration between innovators and end-users,” CEO of SYPAQ Amanda Holt said.

The company has now been awarded five innovation contracts for concept exploration and capability demonstration.

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