• The Terrex 8x8.
    The Terrex 8x8.

Team Sentinel, primed by Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA), has put forward their SENTINEL II platform in response to the Commonwealth of Australia’s Land 400 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) request for tender.
The SENTINEL II is an integrated combination of the in-service Singapore Technologies Kinetics TERREX 8X8, the in-production Elbit Land System’s MT30 turret, and a networked combat system forming the next generation generation of the Australian Army’s current Battle Management System. 
“The SENTINEL II is optimised for mounted close combat with the capability and capacity to meet emerging and future threats. It is a highly protected, lethal and flexible combat reconnaissance platform with a battle proven networked combat system at its core,” Dan Webster, Managing Director of ELSA said.
Named after the first Australian built armoured fighting vehicle, the SENTINEL II will be manufactured and supported in Australia by a team of Australian partners with proven experience in advanced manufacturing capability and delivery. Team Sentinel has plans to produce and further develop the SENTINEL II in Australia, ensuring ongoing sustainment and growth of Australian defence technology skills and capability.
Webster said the team recognises the long term value and benefits of a locally made solution for the Land 400 program and was committed to manufacturing and maintaining the entire SENTINEL II capability in Australia.
"The intellectual property for the vehicle and the turret will be held and licensed in Australia and all of the complex systems integration will be conducted locally,” he said.
The Geelong region has been selected as the home of Team Sentinel where the turret will be manufactured and the bulk of the systems integration; testing and final assembly of the SENTINEL II will be undertaken. Burnie, in Tasmania, will also play a very important role as the major manufacturing site for the base platform. These activities will also be supported by a substantially Australian supply chain.
One of Team Sentinel’s major partners, The Elphinstone Group are set to provide manufacturing and systems integration services from Tasmania.
"Elphinstone and Caterpillar have manufactured over 5000 underground mining vehicles in Burnie over the past 40 years and will use the existing facilities and expertise,” said Chairman, Dale Elphinstone. 
Confirming they will locate their SENTINEL II turret production facilities in Geelong once the team is short listed, Allan Platt from WE Platt, another partner in the team, said "Geelong has the right resources and skills to support the competitive production of the MT30 turret". 
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