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In this episode, Grant McHerron and Katherine Ziesing, Managing Editor of ADM, talk with Derek Osborn, Group Executive Defence and Social Infrastructure for Ventia.

We start by discussing Ventia's use of big data in logistics and maintenance operations while meeting Defence security's requirements. This leads into bringing lessons learned from non-Defence clients on to Defence projects, such as their approach to asset management.

We then review Ventia's engagement with Joint Logistics Command including vehicle maintenance as well as operating Defence's clothing stores. The conversation moves on to Ventia's involvement with projects from ship building all the way through to space and their focus on STEM training and graduate opportunities. 

Derek notes that Defence is very aware that the lowest price is not always the best option and that supply chain security, surety of supply and local industry engagement are important considerations when evaluating tenders. How outsourced support and maintenance can work in a military environment where forward deployed operations often involve dangers not typically encountered in the civilian world is examined.

We wrap up by discussing Ventia's current tenders with Defence, their associated AIC plans and Ventia's involvement with PFAS remediation in Defence and civilian projects.

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Hosted by Grant McHerron
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