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In this Episode, Grant McHerron and Katherine Ziesing, Managing Editor of ADM, are joined by Jack Koons & Ashwin Pal from Unisys to discuss cybersecurity. You can find biographical information for Jack and Ashwin at the links below:

Jack: https://www.unisys.com/offerings/security-solutions/thought%20leader/jack-koons-id-4686

Ash: https://www.unisys.com/offerings/security-solutions/thought%20leader/ashwin-pal-id-4019 

 The discussion covers a number of cybersecurity topics, including the lessons learned from standing up the US Cyber Command and how they can be applied to Australian Defence and Industry. An important lesson has been that in addition to have access, authority, a trained team and tools, it is vital to have a well rehearsed approval chain established to allow action to be taken promptly. 

A key topic that is raised frequently during the discussion is the concept of resilience, which includes acknowledging that cyber incidents will happen; organisations need to ensure they can contain the infection or hacking, protect their data and recover quickly. The recently released Australian Cyber Security Strategy identifies resilience and intelligence as important aspects of the future cyber environment and involves multiple levels of government, business and the community. Everybody needs to be involved to have resilience.

The importance of the cybersecurity basics are highlighted, including ASD’s Essential Eight mitigation strategies to help secure your systems. Additional topics include strategic planning, the continuing use of social engineering to attack systems, the need to focus on identity within your system, ASD no longer setting cyber standards and the importance of identifying your data flows and protecting them. 

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