• Credit: BAE Systems Australia
    Credit: BAE Systems Australia

BAE Systems Australia today launched a podcast series exploring Australia’s world-leading defence technologies.

Hosted by mathematician and leading science communicator, Lily Serna, the series looks at the depth of innovation, passion and perseverance that has led to the successful development of critically important Australian defence capabilities.

Technically Possible comprises eight episodes. The first – launched today (25 March) – tells the story of Nulka.

Rooted in Australia's defence history, Nulka has become one of the nation’s biggest defence success stories.

Nulka – a hovering rocket which lures incoming missiles away from ships to protect their crews – is made in Australia with an Indigenous name meaning “be quick”. It is currently deployed on more than 140 Australian, American and Canadian warships.

More than 1,000 Nulka systems have been manufactured earning more than $1 billion for the Australian economy.

Join Lily Serna as she meets the people behind the development and daily operation of this ‘ghost missile’.


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