• The VBS will be used in simulation training across the ADF. Credit: BISims
    The VBS will be used in simulation training across the ADF. Credit: BISims

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of military simulation and training software, has announced at Land Forces 2018 that the company’s software VBS3 will serve as the core simulation software for three major defence simulation projects supporting the ADF.

The software will be delivered under the following programs: Land 200 Phase 2 BMS (Battle Management System), Land 400 Phase 2, and the Weapon Training Simulation System.

“The ADF is making historic investments in new equipment and technologies to train, support and protect our troops. BISim is honored to be selected to deliver its advanced simulation and training software to increase the readiness of the Commonwealth’s service members,” Ryan Stephenson, BISim Australia’s Managing Director, said.

“With our company’s origins in Australia, BISim has a long history of supporting the ADF as well as working with prime contractors like Rheinmetall, Elbit and Meggitt around the world to develop innovative simulation and training solutions.”

BISim was selected to provide engineering and support services to Elbit Systems for the integration of BISim’s VBS3 software to support the training and exercising of Elbit’s Battle Management System (BMS) as part of Land 200 Phase 2.

Elbit’s BMS enables a collaborative approach to complex warfighting throughout Army, and VBS software enables the training of complex warfighting through its representation of friendly, allied and opposition force capabilities.

Army, Special Forces and RAAF elements equipped with BMS will be able to practice tactics, techniques and procedures through an integrated simulation environment with a first-person view of the battlespace and situational awareness while also receiving and giving information and orders through the BMS. 

VBS3 is also expected to be used in a number of areas of the training system for Land 400, providing simulation for individual and collective training. 

The upgrade of the ADF’s Weapon Training Simulation System (WTSS), supplied by Meggitt Training Systems, is underway and will also include VBS3. This upgrade will enable support for training complex warfighting and offer options for collective training, such as a mix of desktop simulation and WTSS.

VBS3 will be used to generate the complex scenarios that can be displayed across up to three screens in a WTSS and supports the full range of weapons. The WTSS is used for training at 18 ADF locations around the country. 

“The selection of VBS3 for these major projects represents a significant, long-term investment in BISim technology by the ADF and our industry partners,” Stephenson said.

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