Aquaterro was pleased to host Australian Federal Minister for Defence Peter Dutton, and Assistant Minister for Customs and Community Safety Jason Wood on Tuesday, April 12th.

Synergy Group are excited to announce that they have kicked off their Next Steps Veterans Career Discovery Campaign for 2022.

Data can play a far bigger role acting as the raw material for generating strategic insights and modelling different types of capability for future scenarios. This is why it’s the ultimate secret capability in defence forces’ hands.

GPUs have been instrumental in developing modern AI and will play a critical role in its evolution. In the defence context, GPUs can provide a significant advantage in training large DNNs, used to analyse massive volumes of data in real time.

Whether it’s sovereign guided weapons, assuring communications with sovereign satellites, or nuclear submarines, we will need to be smarter on how we engineer these complex systems. There is hope, through the application of digital technologies.

Can the MQ-9B, which offers invaluable ISREW and strike capability, perform effectively in a contested environment while avoiding high attrition rates? The short answer is yes.

With more fifth-generation multi-mission aircraft entering service worldwide, it is vital that crews are trained to the highest possible standards so that they can effectively carry out their highly complex mission sets.

In 2022, edVirtus is taking professional education to a new level with the introduction of FlexiPlus – your own organisational registration portal that offers maximum flexibility to add, move and replace people on any course during a 12-month period.

In response to the Commonwealth’s requirements, Babcock brings extensive, proven expertise in technology integration and asset management to Land 125 Phase 4 with a strong focus on enhancing Australian Sovereign Capability.

Deakin University is recruiting several important academic positions to join a team of established colleagues from Deakin Faculty of Arts and Education at the Australian War College.

Cobham Special Mission is positioning itself for growth and expansion with a pipeline of exciting opportunities.

A high-calibre group of speakers has been confirmed for this year’s Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) conference, the 6th Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference (SubSTEC6).

There’s a buzz in the air as edVirtus brings some exciting opportunities for learning during lockdown. If you are a manager, project manager, systems engineer, or technologist, we have you covered with our professional short course program.

Electricity is the life-blood powering the robotic explorer’s instrumentation, communications, mobility, and scientific activities. NASA/JPL selected ADI as its technology provider to deliver a key power management solution.

Defence is inviting government and industry stakeholders to have their say as part of the Explosives Act Thematic Review project that will help achieve a uniform legislative/regulatory framework for activities involving Commonwealth explosives.

A multi-billion dollar provider of tactical communication systems for the defense industry partnered with HUBER+SUHNER to develop a custom surge protection device (SPD) compatible with their man-pack and vehicle-mounted radio equipment.